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Settimana Trentino - Trentinian weeks

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about Trentino

Trentino-Alto Adige is located at an intersection of cultures, which affects people's lives. So equal to 3 different languages ​​are spoken here, for example. The official languages ​​are German and Italian. A small portion of the population speaks Ladin. This is an ancient Romance language. This linguistic diversity, as well as the proximity to Switzerland and Austria, is reflected in the atmosphere of the cities, in the kitchen of the country and customs again. The situation in the region south of the Alps guarantees a great climate. In the winter a lot of snow and plenty of sunshine during the summer. The big advantage in the valleys is the mild climate. Here it is in the summer months very nice and warm, but not too hot. The climatic conditions make South Tyrol particularly popular with many visitors. So it is not surprising that today the tourism and related services, agriculture has overtaken economic importance. It started with the winter sports tourism. Meanwhile, consider the numerous spas and the varied landscape, more and more tourists to the resource-poor region.

Agriculture is divided into different areas. The cultivation of apples takes on a most important. On approximately 20,000 ha about 10 percent of European apples are harvested. But the cultivation of wine, as well as forestry and dairy farming play a major role. The region is a paradise for hikers, mountaineers, climbers, walkers and Nordic walkers. Cyclists of all categories found in South Tyrol many opportunities to explore the diverse nature.

The traditional local cuisine is a diverse blend of Mediterranean Italian cuisine and the culinary art of the Alpine regions. Wherein the long membership of Austria, the kitchen has most influenced. This diverse cuisine also leaves at most fastidious gourmets nothing to be desired.