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about asparagus

asparagusEvery spring anew look forward to the many fresh local asparagus. Asparagus is not only a culinary delicacy, but also a very healthy vegetables. In gourmet circles, the white asparagus highest popularity - a little short comes as sometimes green asparagus. Although the white asparagus has its health qualities, green asparagus can score with a special extra nutrients.

For white and green asparagus is not about different varieties, the only difference is in the method of cultivation: While white asparagus under small earthen walls in the dark grows and remains white (white asparagus), grows green asparagus overground under sunlight. Through the sun the plant produces green dye .Erst for several years the purple asparagus in Austria is cultivated. It grows like the green asparagus on the surface. Austria's biggest and most famous asparagus-growing region, the Marchfeld in Lower Austria. About Asparagus might speak evenings. Asparagus is a matter of pleasure and beautiful life, to eat asparagus should have a good glass of wine, good company and good conversation.