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lamb weeks

our highlights for the lambweeks

in addition to our a la carte menu

Cubo di patate arrosto con jus d’agnello e porro fritto
Roasted potato cubes with lamb jus and fried leek
EUR 10,60
Cuore di carciofi al forno, tartare d’agnello con salsa patate e cioccolato bianco
Baked artichoke heart with lamb tartare and potato-white chocolate sauce
EUR 11,90
Spaghetti alla chitarra con ragù d’agnello e scaglie di tartufo nero
Spaghetti alla chitarra with lamb ragout and black truffle flakes
EUR 13,50
Risotto con crema di ceci, agnello e fonduta di pecorino
Risotto with chickpea cream, strips of lamb and pecorino cheese fondue
EUR 12,80
Costolette d’agnello al forno con impanatura alle nocciole, melanzane marinate al forno e riduzione di bufala
Roasted lamb chops with hazelnut breading, marinated eggplant and buffalo mozzarella reduction
EUR 24,30
Carré d´ agnello in guanciale su purea di topinambur e salsa di pistacchio
Rack of lamb wrapped in bacon on Jerusalem artichoke puree and pistachio sauce
EUR 25,20

Information within the meaning of the Food Information Regulation to allergenic substances are at the restaurant

about lambs

LammwochenLamb is becoming increasingly popular. Gourmet food and nutrition-conscious have long recognized as exceptionally digestible and aromatic meat and this is how diverse it ways of eating these. Now for Easter has the Lamb high season because of the roast lamb is considered by many as a traditional Easter food. The origin of this tradition is thousands of years back. As Jesus with the disciples celebrated the Last Supper, there was also lamb. Christianity took over this tradition, and began at the end of Lent and at Easter to eat lamb.

The Celts used wild garlic to come with his forces to go into battle; still adorns leeks (originally Ramson) the Welsh coat of arms. A witches onion soup, cooked in the Walpurgisnacht is, according to an old popular belief, incidentally, keep away evil spirits. but

The tradition of Easter roast lamb also has very practical reasons: The sheep was one of the first pets people. It provided meat, but also milk and wool. In addition, lamb is very digestible, and that is after the long fast phase also an important aspect. Meat of young lambs has a unique, delicately spicy and yet unobtrusive flavor. In addition, due to its high nutritional value, it makes a major contribution to a balanced and healthy diet.