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lemon and orange weeks

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about lemons and oranges

Al Borgo lemon and orange weeks The technical description of a citrus fruit doesn't sound particularly tempting: oranges, tangerines, grapefruit and all other citrus relatives are a special form of a berry. It has numerous oil glands on its yellow, green or orange outer skin, including a white layer that protects the juice tubes inside. But what is so soberly described actually makes for extremely delicious fruit. The oil glands make the fruits smell wonderful, the juice sacs taste sweet and sour and fruity at the same time. The wonderful fruits have been valued by people for a long time.

Citrus fruits taste very different. They can be huge like pomelo (30 centimeters in diameter) and citrons (20 centimeters in diameter), but also tiny like kumquats (four centimeters in diameter). All citrus trees have fragrant foliage and almost all produce fruit.

Originally there were probably only three types of citrus: grapefruit, citron and mandarin. All other citrus fruits - from pomelo to clementine - are natural or breeding hybrids. “But the experts don’t completely agree on this”

The first citrus fruits probably reached the Middle East via the Silk Road from China many centuries before the birth of Christ.