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mushroom weeks

Our Highlights in the mushroom weeks

additional to our a la Carte dishes

Carpaccio di manzo, rucola, parmigiano con orecchioni scottati, balsamico riduzione
Beef carpaccio with arugula, parmesan, fried oyster mushrooms and balsamic reduction
EUR 17,90
Uovo morbido con champignon croccanti e tartufo nero
Soft-boiled egg with crispy mushrooms and black truffle
EUR 11,60
Tagliatelle con salsa al formaggio taleggio funghi e noci
Tagliatelle with Taleggio cheese sauce, mushrooms and walnuts
EUR 14,90
Risotto con funghi misti al profumo di limone e provola affumicata
Risotto with mixed mushrooms flavored with lemon and smoked provola cheese
EUR 15,90
Filetto di branzino ai ferri su spinaci e funghi champignon al cerfoglio
Grilled sea bass fillet on spinach and chervil mushrooms
EUR 26,60
Tagliata di manzo ai ferri con salsa ai tre pepi e funghi orecchioni saltati
Grilled beef tenderloin with three pepper sauce and sautéed oyster mushrooms
EUR 27,90

Information within the meaning of the Food Information Regulation to allergenic substances are at the restaurant

about mushrooms

Al Borgo mushroom weeks Mushrooms are usually counted among the plants or vegetables. However, more and more scientists believe that the mushrooms are used actually closer to the animals.

Fungi are divided among others in dining, toxins and molds. Are known today almost 100,000 species. Many of the species of fungi are known and popular foods such as porcini, chanterelles, truffles, mushrooms, shiitake and oyster mushroom. But while collecting wild mushrooms greatest care must be taken in order not to risk by accidentally harvested toadstools a mushroom poisoning.

Chanterelle, porcini & Co attract many gourmets in the forest. Because with mushrooms can feast really, without having to pay attention to the line. These fruits of the forest are in fact very low in calories. Mushrooms can be prepared in many different ways: in soups, sauces, salads, combined with meat or in casseroles. Deliciously prepared and quickly are mushroom dishes a pleasure for every taste.

Edible mushrooms are growing in popularity and are in the early fall not only in restaurants often on the menu, but can be found in amateur cooks very well received. The best time of mushroom picking in Austria from August to October