Ristorante Al Borgo

new years starter

Let the year end together with us in a pleasant atmosphere and culinary delights.
additional we offer the New Years dinner as another option.

Menu di San Silvestro 2018 music accompaniment of "I Coral"

italian New Years Starter in Vienna

from 6:00pm till 8:30pm

Aperitivo del Buon Anno

Pure di zucca con melanzane e cioccolato
pumpkin puree with eggplant and chocolate

Risotto mantecato con acciughe e topinambur con tartufo nero
jerusalem artichoke risotto with anchovies and black truffle

Sorbetto limone
lemon sorbet

Ricciola con crema di vongole, yucca fritta e pesto al coriandolo
yellowtail mackerel with clam cream, fried yucca and coriander pesto


Petto d’oca ripieno con tartufo e foie gras, salsa al marsala e pure di patate al sedano
stuffed goose breast with truffle and foie gras, marsala sauce and celery potatoes

Crostatina al cioccolato e caramello salato con salsa al frutto della passione
shortcrust pastry cake with chocolate and salted caramel with passion fruit sauce

EUR 64,- /per person

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