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BärlauchwochenThe ancient Germans gave the wild garlic its name: according to their beliefs the bear certain plants lent his strength and fertility, so that one through whose consumption could be as it were, incorporate a bear. This belief probably originated by the observation of bears who seek and eat deliberately after hibernation this herb. After the then mostly privation winters fresh wild garlic leaves were particularly highly valued for purification and strengthening of the body. These properties have been rediscovered by modernenen, health-conscious people in the last years, so to speak.

The Celts used wild garlic to come with his forces to go into battle; still adorns leeks (originally Ramson) the Welsh coat of arms. A witches onion soup, cooked in the Walpurgisnacht to discourage evil spirits, according to an old popular belief, incidentally.

In the spring there are places in the forest, the smell strongly of garlic. There, the wild garlic growing, often in large families, because if he is once felt at home where he spreads like lush out. A herb quark with plenty of wild garlic is one of the tastiest spring experiences and is on top of that very healthy. It not only promotes digestion, it also prevents arteriosclerosis and lowers blood pressure and can even prevent heart attacks and strokes. Thus, the wild garlic is the purest balm against civilians iSTATION diseases.