Ristorante Al Borgo

Settimana Campana - Campania Week

our highlights for the Settimana Campana

in addition to our a la carte menu


Cozze alla marinara
Mussels in tomato with roasted garlic ciabatta
EUR 13,50
Parmigiana di melanzane gratinata al cacio cavallo
Eggplant parmigiana gratinated with caciocavallo cheese
EUR 12,30
GNOCCHI alla SORRENTINA: Gnocchi di patate con salsa di pomodori, basilico, parmigiano in Pignatiello gratinati
Potato gnocchi with creamy tomato sauce, basil and parmesan baked in a clay pot
EUR 14,90
MACCHERONCELLI LARDIATI: Macchencini con pomodorini, guanciale, pepe e pecorino
Maccheroncini with cherry tomatoes, Italian bacon, pepper and pecorino cheese
EUR 14,20
POLIPETTI alla LUCIANA: Polipetti con pomodorini, aglio, capperi, olive di Gaeta con insalata
Small octopus with cherry tomatoes, garlic, capers, Gaeta olives and salad
EUR 24,30
Filetto di pesce San Pietro con patate e olive nere
San Pietro fish fillet with potatoes and black olives
EUR 25,90

Information within the meaning of the Food Information Regulation to allergenic substances are at the restaurant


about Campania region

Fertile stretches of land with resinous pine forests, hilly vineyards and flowering fruit groves, mighty lemon trees and slender cedars, the famous coasts such as the “Amalfitana” and a gentle, shimmering turquoise sea await you on your visit to Campania.

For many centuries, Campania, a region in the south of Italy, has been the perfect holiday paradise: Campania Felix, the happy landscape. Even the ancient Romans unwinded in Campania and enjoyed the intoxicating view of the Gulf of Naples from the terraces of their magnificent villas.

Aromatic tomatoes, fragrant lemons, mozzarella made from cow and buffalo milk, pasta, fish, wine. Campania's rich agricultural economy produces tasty products. These not only shape the landscape, but also determine the culinary image of the region.

But pasta dishes (especially spaghetti) can also be paired with other ingredients, for example “vongole”, mussels, or “aglio e olio”, garlic and olive oil. Another typically Neapolitan variant is the “spaghetti alla puttanesca”, with tomatoes, garlic, black olives, capers and oregano. The spaghetti with lemon sauce, or the “gnocchi alla sorrentina”, potato dumplings with tomato sauce, basil, mozzarella and parmesan come from the Amalfi Coast.

And then Naples, famous all over the world for its lively, passionate music, music in which, just like in the city, artistic and popular, sacred and profane, happy and melancholic aspects mix.