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Settimana Friulana - friulian week

our highlights of Settimana Friulana

additional to our a la Carte dishes


Terrina di Maiale con crauto rosso, cipolla caramellatala e mele
Pork terrine with red sauerkraut, caramelized onions and apples
EUR 9,80
Trota salmonata marinata agli agrumi con barbabietola rossa e spuma di zafferano
Salmon trout marinated with citrus, beet and saffron mousse
EUR 10,60
Zuppa di fagioli rossi e orzo
Red bean and barley soup
EUR 5,90
Tagliolini con prosciutto crudo e semi di papavero
Tagliolini with S. Daniele ham and poppy seeds
EUR 11,30
Spaghetti alla busara con gamberi e scampi
Spaghetti “Busara” with prawns and scampi
EUR 12,70
Fritto misto di pesce con salsa di frico friulano con insalata
Mixed fried fish (sea bream, squid and monkfish) with Friuli frico sauce (onion, potatoes and Montasio cheese) and salad
EUR 20,30
Spezzatino di manzo alla friulana con polenta
Friulian beef goulash with polenta
EUR 17,90
Torta di mele con croccante di mandorle e gelato alla vaniglia
Apple pie with almond brittle and vanilla ice cream
EUR 6,40

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about Friuli

Settimana Friulana
Far beyond the borders of Friuli - Venezia Giulia, the specialty food and wine will be appreciated. Fresh fish is mainly along the coast in new variations on the menu, while the rather harsh climate of the Carnic Alps and the Collio brought forth a hearty meal. Basically reveals the regional cuisine of the region of the long affiliation to Austria.

The cuisine of this region is characterized by the fusion of the peasant and aristocratic Catering - detached from the great culinary history of Italy.

As a specialty of the region deserves the San Daniele ham, which experienced a veritable triumph in the last few years about Friuli borders, special mention. In summer, when each year the finest product of the town of San Daniele is celebrated, it attracts not only ham friends from all over Italy in the small town whose name has gained worldwide fame among gourmets.

Wine connoisseurs know that in the hilly vineyards of the Collio good drops mature, from the simplest Speisenfolge a feast machen.Das Friuli is grouped with the Piedmont and Tuscany's top wine regions of Italy and its wines have gained top honors. In addition lure castles and beautiful landscapes to explore.