Ristorante Al Borgo

Settimana Marchigiana - Marche week

our highlights of Settimana Marchigiana

additional to our a la Carte dishes



Ragù rosso di calamari su medaglione di polenta croccante
Red squid ragout on a crispy polenta medallion
EUR 12,30
Insalata mista con ceci e olive ascolana e dressing al basilico
Mixed salad with chickpeas, ascolana olives and basil dressing
EUR 9,80
Spaghetti chitarra alla diavola con cozze, pomodorini e peperoncino
Spaghetti Chitarra alla Diavola with mussel, cherry tomate and chilli
EUR 11,90
Tagliatelle con carciofi, pancetta e grattata di pecorino
Tagliatelle with artichokes, bacon and pecorino cheese
EUR 12,70
Rana pescatrice all’ascolana: Coda di rospo in umido, con salsa di pomodorini e capperi, polvere di olive su crema di fagioli bianchi
Braised monkfish with tomato and caper sauce and olive powder on white bean cream
EUR 21,50
Coniglio al potacchio: Coniglio con caramello di pomodoro salato, riduzione di vino bianco crumble al rosmarino e patate al forno
Rabbit with salted tomato caramel, white wine reduction, rosemary crumble and fried potato
EUR 17,90

Information within the meaning of the Food Information Regulation to allergenic substances are at the restaurant

about the region Marche

Marche The marks (Italian Marche), one of the 20 regions of Italy, situated on the east side on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Capital of the region is Ancona, an important commercial center and important port. The brands are morphologically divided into three areas, the eastern slope of the Apennine Mountains, a hilly, running parallel to the coast part and the narrow coastal plain, which stretches along the Adriatic Sea.

The region's economy is dominated by agriculture; there are wheat, corn and fruit, including grapes for wine production cultivated. In the higher parts prevails pastoralism, in the coastal area of ​​fishing is the most important source of income. Among the major industries include the paper industry and the textile industry with the production of silk goods. The coastal towns and the city, located in the hills of Urbino are the main attractions for tourists.

Trademarks are an exciting experience, when we talk about wine and gastronomy. Here is something for everyone here: fish, meat and game, and a lot of delicious sausages and ham. Truffle is also often in the courts of the brands available, especially in autumn, when they accompany dishes; et al Mushrooms, game and other goodies. The wines are getting better in recent years and the brands make themselves even more noticeable in Italy and in the international market.