Ristorante Al Borgo

Settimana Sarda - Sardian week

our highlights of Settimana Sarda

additional to our a la Carte dishes


Cozze fritte impanate al pane carasau, fonduta di pecorino e bottarga
Fried clams breaded with Carasau bread, pecorino cheese fondue and bottarga
EUR 9,80
Salsiccia sarda, crema di patate, carciofo fritto e riduzione di vino cannonau
Sardinian sausage with potato sauce, roasted artichoke and wine Cannonau reduction
EUR 10,60
Culurgiones: Raviolo sardo al ripieno di patate, pecorino e menta con salsa di pomodoro
Sardinian ravioli filled with potatoes, pecorino and mint with tomato sauce
EUR 12,20
Gnocchetti sardi con salsiccia sarda e zafferano
Sardinian gnocchi with Sardinian sausage and saffron
EUR 11,90
Polipo in Agliata con salsa di pomodoro piccante, polvere di capperi e maionese al pane guttiau
Octopus with spicy tomato sauce, caper powder and mayonnaise made from Guttiau bread
EUR 18,50
Maialino da latte, salsa al mirto e tortino di pecorino
Sardinian roast pork suckling with myrtle sauce and pecorino soufflé
EUR 17,90

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about Sardinia

Sardinia Sardinia extends over a length of 270 miles and a width of 145 km away. 1.6 million inhabitants live on the second largest island in the Mediterranean. The area is about 25,000 km2. The vegetation shows in May in its full glory, but the sea water is still somewhat fresh. From June to October, expect pleasant water temperatures. In southern Sardinia, it is according to experience still a few degrees warmer.

There is an emphasis on traditional dishes - experiments on the Sardinians be reluctant one. Fish dishes predominate on the menus of coastal areas, while inland delicious meat and pasta dishes make up the main part of the Sardinian cuisine. The Sardinians love hearty, hearty meat dishes. Lamb, suckling pig or boar, grilled or as a stew belong to any menu. Just like ravioli and semolina gnocchi, mussels, fish and other seafood. Even cheese can not be missed - the Pecorino is a delicacy.

Then finish off with a Caffè and Mirto, the typical Sardinian liqueur. It is made from the black Myrtebeeren and should be enjoyed well chilled.
And of course, a good wine is part of a good meal. The Sardinian wines are very good and do not need to fear international comparison. Light of white wines such as Vermentino to aromatic red wines (Cannonau).