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strawberry weeks

our highlights for the strawberry weeks

in addition to our a la carte menu

Cappesante in papavero su besciamella al cocco, porro e gel di fragole
Poppy-seed crusted scallops on coconut béchamel, leek and strawberry gel mint
EUR 15,30
Carpaccio d’ anatra affumicata, salsa di topinambur, insalatina di fragole e noci
Smoked duck carpaccio with Jerusalem artichoke cream and strawberries nuts salad
EUR 13,50
Zuppa di ceci con tartara di fragole
Chickpea soup with strawberry tartare
EUR 6,90
Tagliatelle con straccetti di manzo, fragole e spuma di pecorino
Tagliatelle pasta with beef strips, strawberries and pecorino foam
EUR 15,20
Risotto alle fragole e rabarbaro con gel di bergamotto
Strawberry rhubarb risotto with citrus jelly
EUR 14,20
Coda in crosta di fragole e noci su crema di carote gialle e riso nero di venere
Monkfish in a strawberry and walnut crust on yellow carrots cream and Venere black rice
EUR 25,80
Medaglioni di vitello con puree di patate e sedano con fragole al balsamico
Veal medallions with mashed potatoes and celery and balsamic strawberries
EUR 26,70

Information within the meaning of the Food Information Regulation to allergenic substances are at the restaurant

about strawberries

Al Borgo strawberry weeks Strawberry Time! The red delicacy laughs again of market stalls and orchards and offers one of the healthiest pleasures of summer. From strawberries most can not get enough of, and that is also not necessary: ​​Strawberries consist of 90 percent water and provide with their amazing low nutritional value of 32 kilocalories per 100 grams of vitamins and minerals tired.

Strawberries contain more Vitamin C than defense invigorating oranges. Nutrition experts put them because of their high content of folic acid and iron since time immemorial against anemia a. The high calcium content protects the bones against osteoporosis, potassium and magnesium can protect the heart.

The best tasting strawberries as fresh as possible. Whether in a strawberry salad, a fruit tart or combined with tender beef strawberries produce abundant phytochemicals: 3 times as much as grapefruits, about 2 times as much as blue grapes or even 7 times more than Äpfel.Diese bioactive substances ... develop a variety of positive effects in the body. You can boost the immune system, prevent infections and regulate blood cholesterol levels, to name just a few.